Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dreaming of Prince Charming

dear daughters,

You’re of the age to begin dreaming of Prince Charming, the perfect man. Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of him for some time. Or maybe you even think you’ve found him.

The only perfect man you’ll ever find is Jesus. All others fall short of God’s holiness. But God does have in mind a prince who is perfect for you. This young man will know the perfect love of Jesus so he can strive to perfectly love and adore you. God wants that for you, and I know you want that, too.

It’s important to know what you want, and what God wants for you. You get exactly what you marry, so it’s best to marry exactly what you want.

You know Daddy Jeff. He was a sports nut when I met him. Our first date was at a basketball game. Can you guess where we went last night? A Dallas Mavericks basketball game, of course! I got exactly what I married – a sports nut. But I also got just what I wanted – a God-fearing, Christ-adoring, family-loving man.

I found my perfect prince, but he is a prince only because his Father is the King of Kings. So don’t be kissing any frogs! Wait on your prince, my dear, because you are a princess!

living to love, loving to live,
momma b

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas Gift for God

dear daughters,

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? Soon presents wrapped in paper and tied with bright ribbon will be shared to celebrate the greatest gift ever given – the gift of Jesus, the Savior.

When Jesus was with His disciples, He told a lot of stories. I bet you’ve had teachers who told stories to help you understand their lessons. This is what Jesus did, and in Luke 8, He begged them to pay attention to what He was saying. He told a story about a person who was planting seeds.

1. Some seeds fell by the road. These seeds never grew at all because they were trampled on and snatched away by hungry birds.

2. Some seeds fell on rocks. These seeds grew, but their roots couldn’t go down deep so they weren’t grounded. These plants couldn’t stand strong when tested, and they withered away.

3. Some seeds fell in thorns. These seeds grew also, but could only grow so much because of the crowded, prickly conditions. These plants did not grow into their full beauty.

4. Some seeds fell into healthy soil and became well-rooted. These plants bloomed, produced fruit and multiplied in number, because they were nourished and encouraged to grow.

Jesus said the seed is God’s Word. Girls, God has planted this seed in your hearts. You must protect it from being stolen, starved, or stifled. Instead, make sure it is strengthened. Your heart is God’s garden. Is His Word planted in bare, rocky or thorny ground, or is it safe and secure in healthy soil?

God has given you the gift of Jesus and the gift of His Word. This Christmas, give Him the gift of a well-tended heart. Promise to stay planted in healthy places where your faith can develop – away from threats, temptations and tensions – so that you may grow into the beautiful, fruitful creation He designed you to be.

“So (you) will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.” -Isaiah 61:3

living to love, loving to live,
momma b

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Extreme Makeover

dear daughters,

Our brains are amazing, especially in early adulthood. Between the ages of about 16 and 24, scientists say the brain undergoes a complete renovation, like reorganizing a closet. Some things are thrown out, and what remains is reorganized so the closet makes more sense and has more storage space. If the process goes well, then the closet – or the brain – looks different and is more useful than before.

This brain renovation thing is part of God’s plan, but it puts emotions in high gear. At your age, you probably laugh a lot and cry easily, get upset frequently and fall in love quickly. You may tend to react and then reflect, rather than the other way around. This is why you see some of your friends making surprising decisions that will last a lifetime. Your brain is under construction and your emotions are supercharged. But, emotions must never rule. We are to be ruled by God’s Spirit. This renovation period is a training time for life, to teach you the value of trusting God rather than your emotions.

Knowing the Designer is doing a lot of work in you right now should excite you. He has a grand design in mind because He loves you. So tame your emotion, believe His Word and follow His Spirit. Then the redesign will be just as God intends –beautiful and right on time!

“The mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6

living to love, loving to live,
momma b